Are you feeling stressed?

During these stressful times where coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to our lives, it is crucial that we realize that times such as these where we are constantly bombarded with horrifying information can cause a lot of pain and stress. Now, more than ever you need to step up and take action for your… Continue reading Are you feeling stressed?


Corona and humans. Who wins?

Needless to say, our world is going through a difficult time. Most of the countries are on lockdown because of coronavirus pandemic. There is fear, anxiety, tension, uncertainty all around us. Some of us are trying to cope; giving others hope while others are fearful and silently tearing from inside. Businesses are closed, schools closed,… Continue reading Corona and humans. Who wins?


Print Media Buzz – 1

Hi guys! Hope you all are doing great! I am exhilarated to share with you my latest article published on a local newspaper by TheDayspring - a Youth centric Newspaper. Here it is, Are you taking time off for yourself? Click here: Would love to have your thoughts! Till then! Stay happy and healthy. 🙂


Why Savasana is the most important yoga pose.

If you are a yogi practioner, you would be able to relate what i  am about to tell you here. I believe from all the asanas in Yoga, Savasana is the most underrated asanas of all. Why i believe so, is because people just relate it to similar like napping though its actually a fully… Continue reading Why Savasana is the most important yoga pose.