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Sitting really is the new smoking

Are you one of those who has a desk job and is slouching in your chair right now? Do you find it awkward that though you are sitting in front of a computer - just using your tiny muscles of fingers for typing, yet by the time you go home you feel exhausted! Though having entirely… Continue reading Sitting really is the new smoking

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Does the Law of Attraction really works?

To those who aren’t familiar with the law of attraction let me tell you a secret about it...whether you believe in this universal law or not, it still works. Take the example of gravity, you don’t need to believe in the law of gravity for it to work, right? It’s very much there in motion.… Continue reading Does the Law of Attraction really works?

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What is the SQ3R method?

One of the ways to learn faster and remember more is the SQ3R method which was introduced by Francis P. Robinson, a education philosopher. This when applied can be really beneficial especially to students who are jam packed with heavy books and are clueless where to start from. It is an effective approach to reading textbook materials. You… Continue reading What is the SQ3R method?


Want to improve your memory? Try this!

Has it ever happened with you that you kept your cell phone and forgot where? Or maybe someone that you just met told you their name and you forgot what it was? We all have gone through these similar kinds of experiences and I thought I should share with you a few simple techniques which… Continue reading Want to improve your memory? Try this!