Are you feeling stressed?

During these stressful times where coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to our lives, it is crucial that we realize that times such as these where we are constantly bombarded with horrifying information can cause a lot of pain and stress. Now, more than ever you need to step up and take action for your… Continue reading Are you feeling stressed?


Move it

According to Time Magazine, one in four adults worldwide don’t get enough exercise putting an estimate of 1.4 billion people at the risk of developing diseases linked to inactivity. That my friends results in an insane amount of people dying just because they were unable to take adequate measures in their lifestyle affecting both their… Continue reading Move it

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Sitting really is the new smoking

Are you one of those who has a desk job and is slouching in your chair right now? Do you find it awkward that though you are sitting in front of a computer - just using your tiny muscles of fingers for typing, yet by the time you go home you feel exhausted! Though having entirely… Continue reading Sitting really is the new smoking