Why New Year Resolutions fail?

As 2018 is approaching to an end, we all are looking forward to making new promises and resolutions for the coming year. Reflecting on the previous year, some of us are planning ahead already on starting to join a gym to shed the excess weight, eating a healthy diet, save money,  start a project they are delaying… Continue reading Why New Year Resolutions fail?

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Sitting really is the new smoking

Are you one of those who has a desk job and is slouching in your chair right now? Do you find it awkward that though you are sitting in front of a computer - just using your tiny muscles of fingers for typing, yet by the time you go home you feel exhausted! Though having entirely… Continue reading Sitting really is the new smoking


5 life lessons you can learn from children

As adults we are always on the hinge to guide the little ones in our society to the best possible life. I personally having my sisters kids over and having the jam of my time with them, i have closely observed them, and damn! what would we as adults teach these children what they could teach… Continue reading 5 life lessons you can learn from children