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Sitting really is the new smoking

Are you one of those who has a desk job and is slouching in your chair right now? Do you find it awkward that though you are sitting in front of a computer - just using your tiny muscles of fingers for typing, yet by the time you go home you feel exhausted! Though having entirely… Continue reading Sitting really is the new smoking


Arid and Sunday Mornings

Today morning on a Sunday while driving on my way back to home my eyes fell on two beautiful boys walking along the road, each of them lifting a bag of heavy sack of garbage. These sacks were huger than their own size and heavier than their own weight! These little angels were wearing shalwar… Continue reading Arid and Sunday Mornings


The Squirrel

Long ago there lived a squirrel. He used to work very hard under the kingdom of Lion. He did his work with full vigour and honesty. The squirrel used to do more work than what was assigned to him, only because the lion had told the squirrel that he would be giving one full bag… Continue reading The Squirrel