One Afternoon….

It was afternoon, we were done with lunch and just relaxing at the girl’s common room. Just when my colleague popped up a question to me. “Uroosa! What do you do usually after office?” I looked at her with a causal face, “either a walk at the park or my gym!” I smiled.  “Whaaaat! You… Continue reading One Afternoon….


Print Media Buzz – 1

Hi guys! Hope you all are doing great! I am exhilarated to share with you my latest article published on a local newspaper by TheDayspring - a Youth centric Newspaper. Here it is, Are you taking time off for yourself? Click here: http://thedayspring.com.pk/are-you-taking-time-off-for-yourself/?fbclid=IwAR2iXSr2B3f1E2F3v2_yVO74oejs9fORflTHjt16XUmjN91kzkrVYwG4qQI Would love to have your thoughts! Till then! Stay happy and healthy. 🙂