The Squirrel

Long ago there lived a squirrel. He used to work very hard under the kingdom of Lion. He did his work with full vigour and honesty. The squirrel used to do more work than what was assigned to him, only because the lion had told the squirrel that he would be giving one full bag… Continue reading The Squirrel


5 life lessons you can learn from children

As adults we are always on the hinge to guide the little ones in our society to the best possible life. I personally having my sisters kids over and having the jam of my time with them, i have closely observed them, and damn! what would we as adults teach these children what they could teach… Continue reading 5 life lessons you can learn from children

Announcement · yoga

International Yoga Day

As i am progressing  daily to getting to know the essence of yoga, it's fascinating me even more than before. I feels as if i am on a journey - a journey to self discovery. Many believe yoga to be just the asanas or the physical postures only, however if some yogis are reading this,… Continue reading International Yoga Day