Are you feeling stressed?


During these stressful times where coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to our lives, it is crucial that we realize that times such as these where we are constantly bombarded with horrifying information can cause a lot of pain and stress. Now, more than ever you need to step up and take action for your well-being. 

Though all my life I have been an avid believer of meditation, I now see it is the perfect time for all of us to make it a part of our lifestyle. There are numerous benefits of meditation including better sleep, increased blood circulation, great for relaxation, lowers aging process, and living life with awareness are among others numerous benefits. 

Try this quick exercise in the comfort of your space. 

This exercise will allow you to send much-needed oxygen in your blood cells. Hence, promoting energy throughout your body. 

  1. Sit in a comfortable relaxed position. 
  2. Inhale through your nose by filling in your lungs so that your diaphragm/abdomen area rises. 
  3. Slowly exhale through your mouth and control the flow of your breath. This time when you exhale you will find your abdomen going inside.
  4. Continue breathing like this while focusing on your breath. Make sure to exhale the breath completely. 
  5. Do 10 rounds of these to release that pressure off your self.
  6. Done? How does that feel?

I recently did an online relaxation and meditation class and my people definately felt the difference. And so will you!

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