Corona and humans. Who wins?

IMG_3710Needless to say, our world is going through a difficult time. Most of the countries are on lockdown because of coronavirus pandemic. There is fear, anxiety, tension, uncertainty all around us. Some of us are trying to cope; giving others hope while others are fearful and silently tearing from inside. Businesses are closed, schools closed, offices closed, literally our life is on a halt! Suddenly, amidst all the chaos and the busy life, it appears as if life is stagnant. However, the interesting thing is that you cannot contain water in the sea it will still flow. Similarly, though everything around you has come to a halt the important thing is to realize that you are still alive, reading this, you have a family and your loved ones with you.

See, this time will never return why not make the best use of this time? I am sure it is difficult to maintain sanity with all the negative news around us through television, social media etc so make sure that you do something daily to relax your self in order not to just maintain the positive hopeful attitude but also spread it with those who need it the most. I have got many friends and family around me who are like its getting so boring how should we spend this quarantine, every day is like a tick-tock. So I thought why not I make a list of things for you all lovely people and you figure out which one you want to try and spend your time with. How’s that? Here this goes.

  1. Watch all those movies that you kept pending for long
  2. Read books
  3. Learn a new skill, maybe a new language?
  4. Bake or cook. Well, I am certainly being a chef these days, I didn’t know I had it in me.
  5. Video chat with your friends and family, relatives. This is fun.
  6. Painting/ coloring anyone? Hell yes!
  7. Meditation, breatheeee… Yeah just like that.
  8. Stretch, work on your flexibility. Exercise! It’s very important.
  9. Apply for a new job? Explore business opportunities.
  10. Rearrange your furniture like its all a different place.
  11. For the girls reading, learn new makeup skills maybe?
  12. take your old pics and maybe make an attractive album.
  13. If you have kids, involve them and come up with some creative art ideas. There are some really cool ones on youtube. Go and explore!
  14. Start a journal?
  15. Start working on a project you had been pending all along
  16. Go clean that closet, figure out clothes that you don’t need and give out to someone out there. There are many people in poverty who would appreciate your kind gesture.

Look, the whole idea is to take this time as a self-development rather then self-isolation. You wont get this much of time again, reflect on your lives, what you did, how different you could do and then try to close that gap as much you can. We are gradually adjusting to the new reality and we don’t know till how long. All we can do is pray that this is all going to end soon. Don’t let corona win over you. 

Till then, love you all. Share with me how you guys are spending your quarantine time?



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