Don’t Give up

Lamyaa Hanchoi in her beautiful poem gives us all a strong message. Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In, There’s always an answer to everything. This, my friend, is for you The trials that you face and the dreams that you chase You’re behind in your race And you’re straying from your pace Your mind is… Continue reading Don’t Give up


Live | Celebrate | Repeat

“Khala where is the celebration”? My 8-year-old nephew rushed inside and frantically exclaimed!! I raised my eyebrows, looked at him & said ‘a celebration! What for??? DUHH!! KHALA YOU GOT A JOB!!! LETS GOO! I WANT ICECREAM, LETS ORDER PIZZA, OH LETS GO TO DOLMEN MALL’S SINDBAD, I want to sit on all the new… Continue reading Live | Celebrate | Repeat


Move it

According to Time Magazine, one in four adults worldwide don’t get enough exercise putting an estimate of 1.4 billion people at the risk of developing diseases linked to inactivity. That my friends results in an insane amount of people dying just because they were unable to take adequate measures in their lifestyle affecting both their… Continue reading Move it