Are you doing this mistake with your goals?


Salina was a very shy girl, always fearing what people will have to say about her. Though being a beautiful person inside out she always dreamt to be a public speaker. Years passed by and she was still dreaming about it and visualizing herself on stage. ‘Zohaib, I don’t understand I have been dreaming about this thing though there is so much power in dreaming yet I am unable to make any progress with it!, If it keeps going this way I will soon die with my dreams along!’ 😞 Salina exclaimed with sorrow.

‘Have you written down your goals?’ Zohaib asked.

‘Goals? Heck no! Who needs goals when your dream is so strong enough.’ – Salina responded

‘Salina, there is a vast difference between them both. Right now you are just thinking about it. If you really desire you need to act upon it, just solely thinking about it won’t help you. And this is exactly where goals set in!’

Zohaib taking out a piece of paper scribbles down:

Dreams Goals 
No deadline Deadline
Free Cost
Imaginary Reality
Inspires you Changes your life
Zero effort Hard work
No result Result

“Do you understand now? A dream without a written goal is meaningless, setting goals gives you a long-term vision. It helps you to organize your time and resources to make the most of your life.”

‘I would suggest grab a piece of paper write down your goals and then we’ll sit together next time and discuss how to make achievable goals.’

‘That is awesome!’ – Salina remarked excitedly

(To be continued…coming Sunday)










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