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Sitting really is the new smoking

istock000033560778largeAre you one of those who has a desk job and is slouching in your chair right now? Do you find it awkward that though you are sitting in front of a computer – just using your tiny muscles of fingers for typing, yet by the time you go home you feel exhausted! Though having entirely no physical activity all day, isn’t that strange?

Interestingly, I came across a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, according to it, too much of sitting down at a desk or just lazying around on your couch can increase your risk of premature death. In fact, people who sit at desk jobs all day were found to be twice as likely to die early. Well, I never meant to scare you guys, it’s just that sitting all the time comes with health risks. Take this, humans are built to move, in fact, every inch of your body is ready for you to move. Don’t believe me? Well, we have 360 joints with 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy motion. So Yeah! Now, let’s look at the following tips to get back that energy!

  1. Add morning workouts – Try waking up half an hour early than you usually do and add some exercise or yoga in your daily routine. If you find lifts or escalators – avoid it, and take the stairs instead. Another quick hack is to park your car a little further away from your office, that way you will get the chance to walk and warm-up that body.
  2. Incorporate short movement and exercises throughout your workday like leg lift, toe curls. Maybe ditch your desk, stand and work for a while. If you need to use a printer, go for the one which is the furthest away from your seat. Avoid sending emails to your colleagues and go up to them and talk. The whole point is to stand up whenever you get the option to.
  3. Some researchers believe that technological overstimulation can negatively affect your mood and ability to focus. Think about it, continuous focus on your computers can lead to eye strain causing headaches eventually leading to poor productivity at work. To avoid this, don’t fill your lunch breaks with social media screen time. Better is to go out for a walk and get a dose of natural light. This will keep you wakeful and productive throughout the day.
  4. Make sure you are taking a healthy and a nutritious breakfast. Also, avoid munching junk food when working while at office hours. Instead get fruits and peanuts to make it through the day.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Would love you to share with me your office-hacks! 🙂





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