The Squirrel

33987-Squirrel-With-WalnutLong ago there lived a squirrel. He used to work very hard under the kingdom of Lion. He did his work with full vigour and honesty. The squirrel used to do more work than what was assigned to him, only because the lion had told the squirrel that he would be giving one full bag of walnuts to him. The squirrel used to get tired eventually but thinking that it would be getting one full bag of walnuts he used to start working again. Seeing his friends play, he always wanted to join them but he couldn’t because of the desire to get those walnuts it kept him working. Time passed by and the squirrel continued to work.

Finally the day came and the lion rewarded the squirrel with walnuts and he was free to leave then. Sitting underneath the tree, the squirrel looked at his bag of walnuts and he thought: “whats the use of these walnuts now? My whole life was spent working so hard that all my teeth are abraded. Now how am i going to eat these walnuts?!!”….

Similar is the case with us humans. We spend our whole life doing jobs that we dont like, just because we have to make lots of money, we are so involved in doing things that our society demands that we dont realize we have stopped living. By the age of 60 we might have created for ourselves a huge bank balance but the irony is that by this time we would have lost our ability to enjoy life. 

No one in this world was born so rich that he/she could buy the time which is gone. So make use of every second and enjoy it to the fullest.

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