5 life lessons you can learn from children

As adults we are always on the hinge to guide the little ones in our society to the best possible life. I personally having my sisters kids over and having the jam of my time with them, i have closely observed them, and damn! what would we as adults teach these children what they could teach us.  I know its sounding absurd, but if you have closely observed children, they end up teaching you some valuable life lessons.3-a1TxL8asW5Lhj33D9wjSeTcOQO6ePrgW-q8SXRgO2g28jsdy_600

This makes me remember a quote from Paul Coelho, in his book “Fiftth Mountain” where he says:  “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”


Here, below i’l share with you few other lessons i observed.

Every day is a fresh start 

Yeah! we all need this, memorize this. Just because you are going through hell today, does not mean that tomorrow will be the same. Children are a master in it, look at them crying, whining, fighting today and next day they are ready to rock n roll the world once again. To them each day is a new day.

They Question everything

As we grow older, we get programmed to accept the things as they are; we have stopped asking quality questions. This is a trait that we need to re-learn from children. God! these children have so many questions to ask, almost driving you nuts.

Dream Big

You all must have come across kids, who dream they are going to be superman, Cinderellas, and spider man when they grow up. You know what I am talking about here. These kids are creative geniuses, they always use more of their imagination then the logical part of their brain. As we tend to grow up, we become all practical, I would call we humans become dumb. I mean take any innovation by your side, it would not have been possible had it not been first dreamt in your mind.


Children are go-getters. That’s what I call them. The have an amazing ability to whine and keep nagging their parents till they get what they want. As for us adults, when we cant get what we want, we seeing it as a hurdle, instead of changing our strategy we think maybe that’s not for us. So we call it quits. Does it seem relatable to you?


Children are curious they want to try out everything. They are not scared of what other people will think. They can ask you the most weirdest question without giving a thought what you will think. They live carefree. While we as adults have so much fear in us which mostly is an illusion, and sadly stops us from living the best possible life. So be fearless!

2 thoughts on “5 life lessons you can learn from children

  1. Good work uroosa There is no one on this planet who can’t teach you at least one valuable lesson… but it’s up to you to listen.

    Write something interesting about how upbringing kids should be done


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