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Does the Law of Attraction really works?

54593F66-A4B3-4EC9-B236-3121641A99BDTo those who aren’t familiar with the law of attraction let me tell you a secret about it…whether you believe in this universal law or not, it still works. Take the example of gravity, you don’t need to believe in the law of gravity for it to work, right? It’s very much there in motion. Similarly, each and every moment of your life either consciously or subconsciously you are creating whatever is presently in your life.

To put it simply as the famous saying goes, “Thoughts become things.

The law of attraction simply says that whatever you focus on, you will attract in your life. So if you are constantly thinking negatively, that is exactly what you will attract in your life. Similarly, if you have positive, happy thoughts then you will attract happiness in your life. The universe is merely just responding to whatever you send it out, it wont decide if its good or bad for you, its just going to respond whatever you create in your thoughts.

For a few hours consciously observe your thoughts. See for yourself, do you mostly think about things you are afraid of, or may be worried about? If you do so, you will be attracting more negativity in your life. And if you are thinking positively, you will attract a happy life.

Someone explained it beautifully here,

“The universe is not punishing you or blessing you, it is just responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. What if every word you said was a wish to the universe, would you still say the things you said yesterday? Your thoughts and word echo throughout the universe. Now make sure you only put out those that you want back. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.”

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