Why Savasana is the most important yoga pose.

Savasana pose

If you are a yogi practioner, you would be able to relate what i  am about to tell you here. I believe from all the asanas in Yoga, Savasana is the most underrated asanas of all. Why i believe so, is because people just relate it to similar like napping though its actually a fully conscious pose aimed at being aware yet being relaxed.

Savasana also known as the corpse pose, is an an asana done at the end of the yoga session whereby your feet are spread slightly apart from each other, while putting your arms at your side with palms facing upwards. During this pose, having your eyes closed and concentrating on your breathing, you practice all the tension in your body going away. Even a few minutes of Savasana is highly beneficial.

Benefits of Savasana

  • It helps alleviate stress and fatigue
  • helps decrease high blood pressure
  • relieves headaches, mild depression and insomnia
  • rejuvenates the body and mind
  • helps bring a deep meditative state of rest, which may help in the repairing of tissues and cells.
  • and lastly it helps us to completely surrender and make space for peace and harmony

One of the common concerns while doing Savasana is that your mind is boggled by all the thoughts and becomes restless rather than being relaxed. A clinical psychologist Miller sums it up here; “We aren’t groomed in our culture to be with our thoughts, and so people don’t really know what to do; they’re busy, they want to get going,” Miller continues. “What I want to do is help people see Savasana as the entryway to deep meditation, and understand that it takes a while to get into a practice of Savasana before feeling the healing benefits.”  Savasana is a pause in this busy world, it will not only help you connect you with yourself, but will also bring you the balance, energy and insight in your life.

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