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5 ways to kick start each day well

How many of you believe that starting off your day well will actually determine how the rest of your day goes by? The problem lies when those actions gradually start taking the shape of a habit. Ouch! yes, exactly that’s where you need to get your act straighten up before your own set up habits eat you up. Hereh below i concised for you all 5 ways you can start your day well.

1. Get up at least 30 minutes early then the time you usually do, this would enable you to kick start your day without a rush. Spend this time meditating  to some calm music or just some yoga exercises.

2. Give your self atleast 30 minutes of no screen time. Stop being enslaved to technology, that time should be yours only so quit that facebook and email notifications off.

3. Smile and think something positive. You can use this time to remember a few things you are grateful for. I shared an article related to it before. (For those who didnt read before, this one here is my best read   https://uroosamohsin.com/2017/12/12/know-the-secret-to-happiness/ )

4. Have a healthy breakfast. Needless to say much, make sure, whats on your plate is a part of a healthy and a rich diet.

5. Affirm your goals for the day. Take a few minutes of your time to set up your goals for the day, for instance those things that you have been putting off for a long time.


Experiment with your morning habits, remove those which don’t serve you well and prioritize those which helps you brighten your day more.


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