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What is the SQ3R method?

One of the ways to learn faster and remember more is the SQ3R method which was introduced by Francis P. Robinson, a education philosopher. This when applied can be really beneficial especially to students who are jam packed with heavy books and are clueless where to start from. It is an effective approach to reading textbook materials.

You see learning is an art, taking good grades is also an art, strangely what has happened to our school system is that students are encouraged to rote learning ( رٹہ لگانا ) rather than understanding the lesson. The reason of cramming can be clearly the level of competition that has peaked and its definitely a cause of concern. Which raises a question in my mind have we pushed our students to becoming robots? Merely just competing for grades and their understanding level still at a level zero…?1be20715d91aeccc5ce025dcaba535dcComing back to the SQ3R technique . Lets see below what this is..

S: Survey = I would like to call it skimming actually. Here, you take a look at the entire text , skimming through the main headings and sub titles so as to get a birds eye view of what to expect and what you already know about the topic.

Q: Question = After surveying the text, next step you need to do is, is to write questions that you think may be answered by the full text. Writing questions down will make the text interesting to read.

R: Read = Finally you need to start reading. Once you read you will start to notice and get answers to the question you had above.

R: Recite = The recite step takes place concurrently with the reading. As you read, you can recite the text that you think answers the questions you wrote. This will help to cement the information in your long term memory.

R: Review = Once you have skimmed through the text, reciting and writing down the questions, Lastly review your notes, highlight the important text and look for answers that you were unable to respond to.

Try this method and Share it with your siblings and friends.

Good Luck.

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