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ادراک (Idraak) : Prof. Moiz Hussain

E5D061DD-6229-4847-AEB3-2EE8BEDD5D1Aادراک Idraak one of the few books i highly recommend that you should add to your collection. It would provide you with such in depth knowledge and answers to  intriguing questions that arises in almost every human thought. Questions like why do we dream? How to deal with poor decision making? The concept of evil eye? The problem lies that most of us don’t even ask. We have stopped asking quality questions, we have stopped thinking. I remember it was 10 years back when I was a teen and my sister took me to a lecture of Prof.Moiz Hussain at an institute in Clifton Karachi and I am really grateful to her. Since then i was mesmerised to a whole new world, about God, the purpose of life, death, introduced to mind sciences and so much more to learn.

ادراک Idraak is a book by my teacher Prof. Moiz Hussain , being a pioneer of yoga, reiki in Pakistan and having trained thousands of students in workshops such as fourth dimension, silva, NLP, remote viewing, and various other powerful teachings.He has been conducting free lectures “Lessons of Life” also called in Sanskrit  “Satsangha” (discourse on truth) on Thursdays at his institute in karachi since the last 35 years and everybody is welcomed to attend and enjoy a cup of tea along. People from all walks of life including children come with various questions written on a piece of paper related to life, death, Sufism, meditation, fear, concentration, will power, poor decision making and much more. This book is a first compilation of a series of his lectures in Urdu. The book is divided into sections for readers comfort, ranging a wide variety of questions from –  dreams, evil eye, issues related to children, spouse, mind sciences , fear, phobias, managing anger and so much more.

I am grateful to the entire team at the institute for giving me the opportunity to contribute in the books compilation and transcription. The book will be available at stores near you by February 2018.

Happy reading!


15 thoughts on “ادراک (Idraak) : Prof. Moiz Hussain

  1. i love reading. but unfortunately i am living in a country where book are not easily available and if hardly available then so costly. i have big list of books which love to buy and read but 😦 last time i visited Pakistan for tour and mostly to buy my favorite books so i went to Pakistan for one week and buy all my favorite books. the book which you recommended Idraak, love to read and added in my list. InshaAllah will buy from Pak when i plan to visit this year.


  2. Its good to read how about your article. I was moved by it as I have my younger sister who is also going through emotional distress and needs phychotherapy as well. Some of my friends recommends me to check Dr. Hussain as its been well know for phychotherapy and NLP for emotional disorder. Please enlightened me as you have been going for a while and you how it improved in your position it would be really helpful for my sister as well. You can also write blog for it as well. I be looking forward for your response 🙂

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  3. Thanks anam for your feedback. I would recommend his fourth dimensiom signature workshop. It’s a worthwhile experience, happens in major cities in Pakistan. Apart from that, yes if your sis is going through emotional set downs its better if she can take an appointment with him, but he doesnt do therapy’s personally (except in workshops) , he has therapist at his office in clifton for that.


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