4 Signs You May Be Procrastinating

Its January, we are all back from our holidays and back to work, and its that time of the month where we have set our goals for the new year. However not many of us are able to achieve them because of procrastination. We all delay or hold on to that task to complete it later, just because we are lazy to do it now. Procrastination is simply when you had planned to (lets suppose) exercise but you didn’t do it, just because you didn’t feel like it. The best way to move ahead and avoid procrastinating is to break your task in to small actions.

Below are 4 signs that can dictate that you maybe procrastinating. Observing your own self will help you to deal with it as well.

1. You are making excuses of why you cant do it now, a major reason why most of us tend to put things off to later.  Capture

2. Spending your peak performance time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps.tenor.gif

3. Being glued to the television watching your favorite TV shows/ movies when you had to meet an important deadline.


4. You are always munching food or simply addicted to food and drinks just because you are stressed and couldn’t meet deadline.eating-all-the-tim

So, how many of you feel like this ?



5 thoughts on “4 Signs You May Be Procrastinating

  1. Well said and well jotted signs…. the mentioned 4 signs are truely the mirror for a lazy person.
    Besides, I believe and as I use to say, “keep talking about a problem and the problem persist….”
    Why did you you keep the scope of the article limited to just the indentification and diagnosis of the problem, and totally ignoring the treatement of it….. Almost everybody is guilty of having all or combination or atleast one of the 4 signs… so, what to do next? how to overcome?


  2. Thank you sajid for you feedback.
    As this is an area where most lack, covering it all in one go wouldn’t have done justice as it requires much attention. Watch out the space for the solutions in the upcoming posts. Thanks for visiting.


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