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What is the SQ3R method?

One of the ways to learn faster and remember more is the SQ3R method which was introduced by Francis P. Robinson, a education philosopher. This when applied can be really beneficial especially to students who are jam packed with heavy books and are clueless where to start from. It is an effective approach to reading textbook materials. You… Continue reading What is the SQ3R method?

Book Review

ادراک (Idraak) : Prof. Moiz Hussain

ادراک Idraak one of the few books i highly recommend that you should add to your collection. It would provide you with such in depth knowledge and answers to  intriguing questions that arises in almost every human thought. Questions like why do we dream? How to deal with poor decision making? The concept of evil eye?… Continue reading ادراک (Idraak) : Prof. Moiz Hussain


4 Signs You May Be Procrastinating

Its January, we are all back from our holidays and back to work, and its that time of the month where we have set our goals for the new year. However not many of us are able to achieve them because of procrastination. We all delay or hold on to that task to complete it later,… Continue reading 4 Signs You May Be Procrastinating