Book Review

Paul Kalanithi : When Breath Becomes Air


When breath becomes air, is a heart wrenching story of Paul a bright hardworking neuro surgeon doctor , aged 36 married, who is at the peak of his career, having studied from the finest university, who just next moment is diagnosed with terminal illness … lung cancer!

It is his journey from attending to numerous patients and the next dreadful moment being the patient himself at the same hospital. All the accolades, the years of hard work to becoming the top neurosurgeon gone to vain.
It is his account of what a conscious death feels like. What is it to know when death is around the corner, after all what makes life worth living for in the face of death. He combines medicines with literature to give a memoir of his life and his view of battling with cancer.

In all, it was a profound book. Of course the book is about a dying person its ought to be sad but nevertheless Paul looks objectively at his own mortality. Apart from that it gives a new lense to see the world from the eyes of a neuro surgeon.

<Cease not till death>

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