Know the secret to happiness

Let’s face it, we all hahappyve those crappy days when we are overwhelmed with those negative thoughts so much so that it affects our day to day life, our relationships, our work thus making life absolutely miserable.

I have seen people having the best life can offer them, anything their heart desire, they live in huge houses on the most comfortable beds with all the luxuries, wearing the best and the most expensive of brands yet they are not happy? Strange, no? On the contrary there are people who despite having less of everything or probably having huge towers of difficulties , are regardless happy and content with life. Ever wondered why??

Because they have that secret formula with them. The secret to happiness is being grateful. Gratefulness is the state of being thankful, you can choose to be grateful in the midst of all the tensions of your life. It’s something i had started adopting in my life and seen remarkable results in how my day goes by. It’s as simple as that, as soon as you wake up think about 3 things you are grateful for. It could be as little as that you are alive, you are healthy, you have a family, your heart’s beating, thankful for the food you are having or just thinking about how far you have come in life that made you what you are today.I know it might sound a bit cheezy right now but believe me once you start applying it you will feel the difference in your every day life. Remember, every moment is a gift, if we look in this perspective we will always be grateful.

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