Want to improve your memory? Try this!

EAD2C2F8-123D-470D-AF10-4CC855B3FF86Has it ever happened with you that you kept your cell phone and forgot where? Or maybe someone that you just met told you their name and you forgot what it was? We all have gone through these similar kinds of experiences and I thought I should share with you a few simple techniques which can give you remarkable results in improving your memory.

1) Sleep well to enhance your memory

When a person is sleep deprived he is unable to process the information and thus fails in recalling or remembering things. Sleep is when most of your memory consolidation occurs so make sure you get at least 7 hours of sound sleep, it will not only help your brain to operate on full capacity but it will also help you to improve your creativity, and critical thinking skills.

2) Exercise Daily To Enhance Your Memory

Numerous studies and research findings have found a link between exercise and good memory. When you exercise it allows oxygen to your brain and reduces any risk of disorders related to memory loss. You don’t really need to join a gym or an aerobics class to get that amount of exercise, even a few minutes in the morning doing yoga or meditation can do the trick. Stop making excuses and start moving. If you find that staircase take it, avoid the lifts. Next time you watch TV, avoid using the remote control so that every time you wish to change the channel you have to get up and do it! Even if you are too busy, give it at least 15 min.

3) Recall the day’s event in the chronological order

Before you hit the bed, take out time to recall the day’s event in the chronological order. Like for instance, you woke up, you brushed your teeth, you had breakfast, then went to the office/ school, and so on and so forth. Keep doing this every night and you will be amazed your memory would be remarkably be improving and you will find yourself remembering even the tiniest of details of your day.

4) Form An Association To Enhance Your Memory

Our brain processes in images so if you want to remember something associating it with an image will make it easier for you to remember it. For example, if you left your mobile on the couch, you can make an image in your mind that your couch is ringing out loud. Or if your spouse or your mother tells you to bring milk from the grocery store, make up an image in your mind that your shoes are filled with milk. So that when you plan to leave your house you exactly remember what you had to bring. It’s as simple as that, just remember the crazy a story, the better!

These are just a few tricks, till next time!



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