Book Review

Paul Kalanithi : When Breath Becomes Air

When breath becomes air, is a heart wrenching story of Paul a bright hardworking neuro surgeon doctor , aged 36 married, who is at the peak of his career, having studied from the finest university, who just next moment is diagnosed with terminal illness … lung cancer! It is his journey from attending to numerous… Continue reading Paul Kalanithi : When Breath Becomes Air


Know the secret to happiness

Let’s face it, we all have those crappy days when we are overwhelmed with those negative thoughts so much so that it affects our day to day life, our relationships, our work thus making life absolutely miserable. I have seen people having the best life can offer them, anything their heart desire, they live in… Continue reading Know the secret to happiness


Want to improve your memory? Try this!

Has it ever happened with you that you kept your cell phone and forgot where? Or maybe someone that you just met told you their name and you forgot what it was? We all have gone through these similar kinds of experiences and I thought I should share with you a few simple techniques which… Continue reading Want to improve your memory? Try this!